About Us

Unique handmade decorations to inspire and make people smile!

I make everything in my craft studio at the London Chase Business Centre. I grew up in the UK and have worked all my life (learned from the best - my incredibly creative father). Most days you'll find me tinkering with my laser cutter, Cricut, 3D printer, or sewing machine, always trying to create something new, fun, and different. Here's a little more about my story:

Step 1: The Nerd

In 2000, I was studying for my master's degree in engineering at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom when I had the opportunity to do research abroad at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After graduating, I packed my bags in the UK and moved to San Diego. I started an engineering job at an aerospace company and was lucky enough to be part of the team working on the Mars Rover project.

Phase 2: Business

In 2003, I joined a strategy consulting firm where I worked for various Fortune 500 companies. After that, I spent the next 13 years in product management, innovation and strategy roles . marketing at three different Fortune 500 companies, as well as an independent innovation and strategy consultant.

Step 3: Passionate Creator
(Here I answer this question to my friends especially clients, why am I a pure English speaker who can speak French???)

I've always loved crafts and design (actually my first income was doing small craft activities with my dad and sister when I was around 10), and later because my sister left in France to study and work in France after graduation, we moved to Angers for 5 years. When we first lived in Angers, France, we didn't speak French and were very ostracized, so we made a lot of jokes while living in France. Fortunately, I met my first girlfriend, my current wife, in a French cinema, and it was my wife who supported and inspired me in handmade jewelry, party decorations, holiday gifts , until becoming a real father, inspired by being the father of my beautiful daughter Ellie. Suddenly there are more reasons to start celebrating each day and creating something to inspire her and others. Back in the UK, I started going all out to decorate his birthday party and became obsessed with making things – which started to be more fun than my corporate job. I started getting hired as custom party decorations then after 2020 surprised me with a gift from my wife with a laser cutter I realized I could take my craft business to the next level and open your own Vikess website!

If you have more questions about us, please feel free to contact us, thank you!

Customer service: cs.vikess@gmail.com

Thank you, best wishes!!